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I-35 and Main Street Interchange Project

Construction on the I-35/Main Street Interchange reconstruction project will begin Monday, January 7, 2013.

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Interchange Diagram Map

Odd/Even Water Conservation


2013 Annual Report

The City of Norman is pleased to announce the release of its 2013 Annual Report.  We have highlighted some significant achievements, to include weather-related events; public safety and justice; parks, recreation and library services; community and economic developments; transportation improvements; environmental and utility services; strategic support; revenue/expenditure information; and, recognitions and awards achieved by our City and our employees.

Norman is wonderful place to live, largely due to its quality schools, abundant recreational opportunities and the highest commitment to public safety.  The City seeks to provide the most efficient and effective level of public service to our residents and businesses, and we are proud of the dedication of our employees in serving and making a difference in our community.  We hope you find this information useful and thank you for taking the time to stay informed about your community and local government.

Residential Recycling Changes

New Curbside Recycling Contractor Started Monday, August 5th

2060 Strategic Water Supply Plan

The City of Norman is updating its plans for supplying long term water solutions to its customers. The SWSP builds on previous planning efforts discussing water demands, supply options, and infrastructure as well as significant new developments in water supply regulations, new technology and availability of water.

Water Conservation Information

Get information about Norman's water resources and how to help conserve them.


To keep our local water sources clean, it is important that you practice responsible lawn care.


Norman Water Quality Concerns

Attached is a newer report from the Water Research Foundation concerning chromium in drinking water. The title of the report is, ‘State of the Science of Hexavalent Chromium in Drinking Water’, and is dated May 2012.


Action Center

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